Visual Verification System (VVS)

NVR Solutions has developed and deployed the outstanding VVS product for clients including Fremantle Ports, Port of Melbourne and Tasports. VVS, (Visual Verification System) , enables your security personnel to easily check who is accessing key site entry points, regardless of their physical location. Large sites can have a surprising amount of site entry fraud, often with cardholders admitting unauthorised people, but also ID card duplication or ID card theft.

VVS is a software application that works with your existing electronic access card control system. When an access card is presented to an electronic reader, the cardholder ID is sent to the VVS software. A live image of the cardholder is presented alongside the photo registered to the same card. Security personnel can then easily see whether the person at the gate or door is the proper cardholder. Unless security personnel intervene within a short time period the card ID is passed to the electronic access system for ‘normal’ processing.

VVS also gets your security personnel more involved in day-to-day security, leading to more interaction with site visitors and staff. Aside from promoting an effective security force to the organisation, they are also able to gain a better site awareness, with safety and security benefits.